Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group invests in people.

We believe in our people, build on their strength and develop them. Training and challenging projects will be offered to bring out and develop their potential. We work to ensure our people have the best competencies to be effective and creative.

We recognize that the people are our most valuable assets. As a Group, we aim to unlock their potential so as to deliver a strategic advantage.

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group believes in partnering with our people to maximize their achievements and cultivate a pro-learning culture where they can chart their own development and learning. Significant time and effort are invested in training and nurturing our employee from the very moment he/she joins. These include on-the-job training, formal training courses and challenging work assignments. Coupled with these, growth and improvement are also encouraged through knowledge sharing, continuous learning, teamwork, coaching and mentoring.

Current openings:

1. QC & Specification Development Manager

2. Area Sales Manager

3. Finance Manager

4. Junior Accountant

5. Tyre Warranty Executive

6. Call Center Assistant

7. Data Management Assistant

8) Data Management Assistant